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High Quality Images

Our services begin with a no cost onsite consultation. This comfortable, interactive process lets us determine your exact needs and marshal our talents to meet them. During your visit, Ken will scan your photo(s), while Joan will show you finished examples of our work in portfolios and antique frames of the period. Then, together, we will view each photo’s condition enlarged on our monitor. We will advise you through all your questions, while demonstrating, on your own photo, how restoration techniques will improve the final product. For those who plan to frame their photos, details on cropping, moldings, matting, and tone are factored in from the outset. You will leave with confidence that your dollars will be well spent.

Capture of a photo’s fine details into a high quality file is an investigative process. Our Epson Expression 10,000XL flatbed scanner allows us to explore adjustment of colors, contrast, and clarity. Sometimes, several scans are made to arrive at a best result.  

Often, scanners are unable to penetrate the sheen on old silvered prints, which blocks shadow details. In these cases we turn to a photographic process called double polarization, which often produces remarkable results. 

Digital Restoration

We employ a broad range of digital restoration techniques to restore photos ranging from vintage daguerreotypes from the 1850's to today’s contemporary photo processes.  We have also restored many old or badly faded documents, including letters, newspaper pages and clippings; certificates of birth, graduation, marriage, as well as old  signatures and hand writing on the back of photos,
Photos arriving with very minor problems require only scanning, leveling, cropping, contrast and color adjustments, and removal of minor blemishes. As the level of  difficulty increases, we turn to extraction of detail from badly faded or distorted images; artful reconstruction of  missing ears, eyes, hair, hands, etc.; smoothing of unwanted textures; reassembly and blending of  multiple pieces; correction of extreme color shifts;  removal or insertion of objects and people; and, restoration of documents, and  faded signatures.

Long Lasting Photos

From the beginning, we have placed a very high premium on producing long lasting, archival photos. Photos are printed on our Epson 4900 Ultra chrome HDR printer, which prints at a resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi.  


Our selection of Epson acid-free premium printing papers have a very high level of tested stability which, with proper framing and handling, will last for generations. 

Who wants a photo that rapidly fades?  Check out the 2016 life expectancy and permanence ratings of our Epson 4900 inkjet printer and matched papers at Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. 

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