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To produce a copy  photo up to 8 ½X 11 inches costs  $ 55.00 each plus Maryland sales tax.  This includes: scanning, leveling, sizing, cropping, initial contrast adjustment, minor flaw removal, and the screen consultation and damage assessment,   Consult the table below for larger photos and additional prints.


Additional restoration services are charged at $60/hour in increments of 15 minutes.  For example, for a photo requiring  30 minutes of imaging time is $55 + $30 computer time + $5.10 MD sales tax @ 6% for a total of $90.10. While many photos are completed in less than an hour, more complex restorations run into added hours.  Exact quotes can be provided only upon thorough examination of the photo.   


5x7" or smaller

$10 for each additional print


8x10" or smaller

$15 for each additional print


12.5x18" or smaller

$35 for each additional print


16x20" or smaller

$65 for each additional print


Larger than 16x20"

Please Call

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Photos are delivered in archival envelopes and packaging, as well as a CD disk containing your digital images.  Shipping charges are added for mail orders.  

Payment accepted by check or cash.  No credit cards.

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